Jonathan Pritchard

My name is Jonathan Pritchard but I go by JP. I have been strength training for 17 years, competitive lifting for 11 years and personal training for 8 years. My expertise is in athletic strength training. I pride myself on being a stickler for perfect form. I also have a bodybuilding background so my knowledge on nutrition has a huge benefit for me and my clients. One of my favorite qoutes is “Go big or go home”, probably because I am a powerlifter competitor. All I ask from my clients is do what I say, learn each day and work hard.

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"Proper training and technique are the two things that I won't sacrifice when picking a gym or while working out. If I am not learning at the gym I get bored. WSC provides killer training and always preaches technique. Having equipment 2nd to none is just an added bonus. -CC"
"At WSC I have had a chance to inspire and also be inspired by the unexpected. I've gained a family and the support needed to get me to where I am. Just remember...'Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn.' -WB"
"Amazing workouts. Even better trainers -JG"