Health Benefits of Strength Training

Whether you call it “resistance training,” “lifting weights,” or “pumping iron,” strength training is a vital way of improving your general health and enhance your well-being, at any level of fitness.

Most people are first intimidated by the idea that they have to do strength training. However, understanding how it can importantly contribute to your health will encourage you to get over any fear of working with weights.

Now if you are on the fence concerning whether or not to get involved in resistance training, hopefully, these six facts on health benefits of strength training will convince you to attempt some weight lifting.

Disclaimer: Owner Tommy Hastings wants to remind you to be sure to consult a medical professional before starting any new fitness program.

1 – Helps You Handle Stress

Strength training was demonstrated to be an excellent method of reducing feelings of tension and anxiety that helps to reduce stress. The study has revealed that levels of stress-hormone are lower in an individual who exercises and stay fit than in those who do little or no exercise at all.

Exercise that involves lifting weights has been shown to assist relieve symptoms of depression. It goes to reveal that resistance training has a lot of benefits for the mind and the body!

2 – Strength Training Helps You To Burn More Calories In Your Body

Why does strength training maintain your metabolism to run at high speed? It has to do with the reality that strength training helps to build your muscle.

Keeping, building, as well as using muscle cells need more energy than maintaining or keeping fat cells. So, if you increase the muscle mass of your body by lifting weights, you are helping just to speed up the rate at which the metabolism burns calories.

3 – Enhances Cardiovascular Health

The US Heart Association has approved strength training as among the best ways of maintaining a healthy heart. Research has proven that strength training’s effects can not just help reduce the danger of heart disease, however, can alleviate specific problems and also reduce the danger of further problems which develop in patients of heart disease.

Moreover, research has also been done that linked averagely intense weight-lifting exercise with shifting the cholesterol balance in the body in favor of some good cholesterol that also helps maintain your heart health.

4 – Assist To Slim Down

Since weight lifting enhances your metabolism and assists your burn off more calories, also it helps decrease the body fat. A study done by Penn State University has discovered that people who lift weights as an aspect of their work out routine were able to lose 6 pounds on the average or more than those who didn’t.

5 – Helps Maintain Your Healthy Bone Density

A routine strength training, as well as walking, running, and other forms of weight-bearing workout, can truly improve or maintain the bone density, keeping the bones healthy and strong. Lifting weights have been proven to reduce your chances of developing bone fractures or osteoporosis.

6.- Assist In Sleeping Better

Exercising before going to bed is not always a good idea since the increased physical activity could make falling asleep harder. But, getting in a strength training exercise in the evening has proven to help fight against insomnia and reduce the danger of sleep apnea. Not just that, however after a great, solid strength training exercise, getting rest feels excellent!


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