WSC Max Effort Challenge 3

max effort fitness competitionOn September 19, 2015 Woodlands Strength and Condition hosted the Third Annual Max Effort competition.  The Max Effort competition is a team challenge that consists of teams of two men, women, or co-ed partners.  Teams entered from The Woodlands and Spring areas as well as Houston, Beaumont, Longview and various other areas of Texas.

There were a total of 30 teams that entered.  The participants were tested on their strength through a series of one rep max lifts in the squat, press, clean, bench press, and deadlift.  Additionally, their conditioning was tested through two challenges.

Challenge 1 consisted of a six minute challenge where the team rotated between a stationary bike and an axle bar for power cleans.  The teams scored points by biking for calories and completing power cleans with the axle bar.  Challenge 2 consisted of a strongman type medley of shuttle sprints, pulling sleds while performing squats with kettlebells, a beer keg overhead carry, and a yoke walk.

Only one team was able to completely finish this medley within the time limit.  Courtney Graves and Sarah Gross from Woodlands Strength and Conditioning received special recognition for this feat.

At the end of the competition, the following winners were announced:


1st Place-Josh Brown and Chris Saucedo from Woodlands Strength and Conditioning

2nd Place-David Claiborne and Chris Gillen from Genesis Fitness and Performance

3rd Place-Cordale Baldwin and Scott Wallace from Uturn CrossFit


1st Place-Courtney Graves and Sarah Gross from Woodlands Strength and Conditioning

2nd Place-Carissa Jeansonne and Savannah Barber from Grind House Fitness

3rd Place-Kimball Bromley and Kim Fuzzell from Woodlands Strength and Conditioning


1st Place—Nneka and Onyekachi Udeka from Canvas Muscle Studio

2nd Place-Christina and Dexter Krolczyk from Uturn CrossFit

3rd Place-Jenny Elliff and Trey Curtis from Be Challenged CrossFit

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